Monday, 27 May 2013


The most real state is the state of nothingness.

Our universe, the stars, the planets, the mountains, the trees, its all contained in what? Nothingness.
We do not know what is outside our universe and what is outside of that and outside of that and so on. eventually we must get back to nothing.

No matter how we all believe the universe was created, whether by a Big Bang or by God or by both, we still ask, what came before that? And what before that? Where does it stop? Where does it end? And better question is where did it begin? Where did all of this come from? Why do we have so much information about our history from thousands and thousands of years ago yet we have nothing to give us a hint of where it all started.

Humans have been programmed to think that everything has a cause, effect and a reason. Most of the time we know the cause. We always know the effect. We very rarely know the reason. Even if we think we know the reason theres always the question of why is that the reason? And why is that the reason for the reason? It's almost cruel that we were programmed to be such curious creatures.

The beginning of everything, time, space, life started from what? When we get right down to it we are left with nothing. We are left with the absence of something we can never imagine could have ever been. The idea of nothing is not comprehendible by the human mind. When we think of nothing we may think of a big dark place with no up or down, no left or right. Or we may think of a big white place with no up, down, left or right, and no way out. These are frightening places. But they are not nothing. They are our mind's representation of nothing. To the human mind there is always something. Never nothing.

Cause, effect, reason. Take one of these things out of the equation and life just doesn't add up. Everything must have a cause otherwise the effect would not take place which would leave reason nothing to follow therefore there is nothing. Our universe and our entire state of being had to have started from nothing. Before there was anything there had to have been nothing. At least that is all our brains can comprehend about the whole idea. So if we take cause out of the equation then we have no effect right? So if the cause of everything is nothing then how can there be an effect at all? How can there be an effect from nothing? If nothing is the cause then nothing should result therefore nothing should exist. We shouldn't exist. But we do. How is it that we do? How can something come of nothing?

The most real state is the state of nothing. If everything disappeared then there would be nothing. If there is something then there is still nothing. To have good there must be evil, to have light there must be dark to have something there must be nothing. Darkness is the absence of light and nothing is the absence of something. When all is gone there is always nothing. Or should i say there isn't. Because nothing is the state of isn't, it is the state of not, the state of nothing is nothing which makes it the most real thing there is. Or the most real nothing there isn't.

And thats all I have to say about that.

Monday, 20 May 2013





de de de.....


Is it the very word's existence that makes us feel okay about the act of procrastination? Or should I say the in-act...if you know what I mean. See this blog has been out of action for a little while now, and why? It's all because of a nasty little monster called procrastination.

I think with time, procrastination just becomes easier. But it also becomes a hole. A metaphorical hole....not an actual hole, after all procrastination is not a its not a physical thing, its a verb, a doooooing word. So anyway, what was that all about? Where was I....yea not an actual hole but a metaphorical one. With time procrastination digs and digs which makes it harder to get out. As it digs deeper, we come across other monsters such as, judgement...what are people going to think about this procrastination issue? Do people care? Time...the thought of, I'll do it later, then later rolls around and you think.....I'll do it a little later....then later rolls around again and you think we'll it's too late now....I'll do it tomorrow. News flash! We all know this, it's not just a cheesy cliche, it's a fact. Tomorrow never comes. Yesterday was once today so how did you spend your yesterday? Did you spend your yesterday planning for tomorrow which is now today which you are now spending planning for tomorrow? All those tomorrows will eventually become todays and yesterdays so why wait for tomorrow when today is the only day we will ever live? Did that just blow your mind a little or did that blow your miiiiind?!

Everyone comes across the monster of procrastination once in a while, and why? Because they are afraid of change or trying something new. Because they are afraid that they wont be able to stick to it. Well you know what I would love to do? I would love to turn procrastination into a literal thing, like a punching bag and just hit it.... a lot......because its not welcome here anymore. Procrastination plays a big part many peoples lives and I think the very existence of the word assists in the process of the monster taking over. But I believe that almost every monster can be defeated. By being better humans we can kick a lot of monsters out of our lives, like laziness, eating junk food, watching television, facebook addiction, all which fall under the blanket of our unfriendly neighbour, PROCRASTINATION.

Lets kick it in the butt and send it running...and never let it return!

'Cause Today is so much better than Someday!

And thats all I have to say about that :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


We love to hate them, we love to love them don't we?
Since the start of 2013 there has been wedding bells ringing around my household. My big sister recently got engaged to her fantastic partner of five years (about time if you ask me.....or anyone else.) This impending joyous event has got me to thinking about just how much I love my siblings. I know that sounds fruity but we all need a bit of fruit from time to time.

I am the youngest of three, so throughout my whole life I have grown up with two best friends. Of course it hasn't all been cherries and roses. We've had many many ups and downs, many times where we have disliked each other yet loved each other only because we have to. But now that we are all adults, we can have a laugh about those ridiculous things we used to do just to annoy the heck out of each other (some that we still do) and those silly arguments we used to have over little unimportant things. Now, we have all left school, there's wedding bells in the air, plans of travel and buying houses. All that grown up stuff that seems to happen like "poof!" after being in school for what seems like forever. All this new exciting stuff wouldn't be as fun if we didn't have each other to share it with. I guess you could say the three of us are like "peas and carrots."

A lot of people think that being the youngest child is all about getting picked on to buggery by your older siblings and getting spoiled by your parents because you're the baby of the family. But I wouldn't change being the youngest for the world. I guess that's partly because I've never known any different, but also because they have taught me so much. My brother and sister have taught me a heap about boys, relationships, sex, being a teenager, being an adult, making life decisions, standing up for myself, and loving who I am. Even though we no longer live together, we have the kind of relationship that we can just pop round to each others houses for a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or juice, just for a chat about life. When either of them show up at home unannounced just for a visit or dinner or to wash their car, it is usually the highlight of my day.
So if you have siblings, make the most of them. they are wise and can teach you a lot. They're sorta like parents but waaaaaaaaay cooler!
So moral of the story, those two goofballs are my best friends and I love them both to pieces.

This picture pretty much sums up our relationship...

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sir Paul Holmes

Today New Zealand lost a great icon and a good Kiwi bloke. I'll always remember watching Holmes at 7 o'clock on TV One with my family when I was a kid. We always had a good laugh at some of the things he would say and do on his show with that booming voice he had. How he would talk over people when he didn't agree with what they were saying and he wanted to ask the hard questions. And he did ask the hard questions, he never held back. He said he wanted to be remembered as a good bloke, and I think all of New Zealand will definitely remember him as a great Kiwi bloke.

Rest in peace Sir Paul Holmes.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Starry Starry Night

So I thought I'd share with all you lovely people what I did on Monday night that got me thinkin'. I came home at about 10:30 from a tiring shift at work and thought when I saw my bed I would want to just conk out completely for the night.  This wasn't the case. I walked into my room and did what I usually do whenever I go into my room, I turned on some music. I ended up listening to music for about an hour and after that, realised I wasn't tired any more and also that it was rather warm in my room. So I ventured into the hallway.......then decided to take the my jam jams....out to my back yard. I said hi to my dog, (I think he was a little puzzled as to why I was outside at such a ridiculous hour) then lay down on the deck, let the cold air hit me and looked up at the stars.

Most people don't like the cold. Most people would think that lying outside at night, in New Zealand (where no matter what time of year it is, its always really cold outside at night) is a little crazy. But here's the thing, if you don't let the cold get to you then it wont bother you. When its cold, most people shiver, cover up with jackets, try to block it out, when its still there. You can feel it on your face. So my theory is, embrace it. Let the cold fresh air wash over you and become your blanket and eventually you will know when its time to go inside. This is what I did on Monday night. I embraced the cold air and ended up staying outside for possibly, half an hour,maybe it was an hour, I lost track of time.....I really have no idea how long it was.

So I'm lying on the deck, looking up at the stars and I see something cool! I see the night sky! I know that everyone thinks they see the night sky every night. But I realised it takes more than just a glance to really see the stars. The longer you watch the sky, continuously, the more stars you see! Your eyes start to adapt to the extremely dim light and you see more than just the brightest stars, you see so many more. They start appearing everywhere and not just right in front of you but in the corners of your eyes. In the darkest places where before you only saw one bright star, you now see a cluster of stars bunched together. Its as if this beautiful natural thing is hidden only by our human impatience.

Watching the sky got me thinking. Many people believe that the souls of those who have passed are in the stars. Could this be true? I guess we'll never know until we leave this world. Starring into the night sky definitely opens your mind to the possibility of this. No one knows what happens to us when we die, but looking up at the stars makes you realise that there is something out there. Something bigger than us. Something so beautiful and extraordinary that our human minds cannot fathom, which is why we cant figure out what it is. I guess we just have to be patient. That's what stargazing made me think about, see where it takes your mind!

Time for a fun fact, (I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to astronomy and awesome out-of-this-world stuff......I am in fact quite a big fan of Stephen Hawking) So did you know that when we look at the stars we are actually looking into the past? Millions of years into the past in fact. We have no idea what the stars look like in the present time because it takes millions of years for the light of a star to reach us on earth. That's how freakin' far away they are! How awesome is that?! The stars we are seeing may not even exist any more. We are seeing a whole sky full of stuff that isn't actually there! As humans we are always so sure of what we see right in front of us and we never really think about what we are actually seeing when we look up at the sky at night.

So people of earth, on the next clear night you have wherever you are, take a few minutes to look up at our beautiful sky. All those glorious stars that were once there millions of years ago. It's is such an amazing thing to stargaze because it takes your mind to a different place, you might say an out-of-this-world kind of place, just for a little while. You come to realise just how small our little planet is in the insanely mind-boggling thing that is the universe.

Look up at the sky, it's magnificent!

And that's all I have to say about that :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Are Your Ears Glued On?

Throughout my childhood I have been asked the question 'are your ears glued on?' This could also be phrased as 'are your ears painted on?' ('Glued' just sounds cooler cause its a funny word.....glue.....go on say it about 10 times in a row without giggling just a little.)

Ears, are an interesting phenomenon in the human figure. They sit all the way up there on the edge of our head, happily taking in the more of the world around us than we realise. Unlike everything else connected to our heads, we cannot turn off our ears. At least not as easily as we can shut our eyes, hold our breath or close our mouth. Ever wonder if there's a reason why we were made this way? Its not something we usually think about when going about our daily lives, taking all of our magnificent human senses for granted.
Many parents believe that their children and their teenagers have the extraordinary ability to turn off their ears when they feel like it, just so they don't have to hear things like, 'do the dishes', 'clean your room,' 'be nice to your sister!'....(Phrases quite commonly used in my childhood.) No, just like adults; children and teenagers are always listening even when you may think they are not.

As human beings we grow up continuously being told that we are not listening enough, when in fact the question is, are you? Are the leaders in our lives listening? By leaders I'm meaning, parents, teachers, bosses, mayors, politicians, prime ministers, Mr President. These are all the humans that are continuously telling the humans below them to listen to what is 'right'. But let me tell you Mr President, Prime minister, politician, mayor, boss, teacher, parent, we have voices too. Our voices are the most valuable ones for you to hear but you aren't listening. As said by Horton the Elephant (Dr Seuss) "A person's a person, no matter how small" so that would also translate to "a voice is a voice, no matter where that voice is ranked in society, business or life in general." Too many times I've seen the little voices shut down so they just stop trying to be heard. Eventually they become too afraid to be heard. Why should a politicians opinion be considered right when 3 million other non-politicians believe it is wrong? "Dear Mr President, you wouldn't take a walk with me, would you?" A line sung by pink in her song, "Dear Mr President" says that, these people are put in charge of our planet, our countries our cities, our education, but do they know a thing about us? Are they even willing to know a thing about us? Mr President, Prime minister, politician, mayor, boss, teacher and parent, would you listen if you did in fact take a walk with me?

A message to all you high and mighty humans out there. Your ears are not glued use them. Parents, listen to your children. They have incredible minds that have not yet been filled with the realities and hardships of the big wide world. They imagine, they play, they create,. They see the beauty of life without letting it be masked by this negative blanket which many humans call 'reality.' All this from those tiny little heads. What sits on the edge of those little heads are little ears. Little ears that take in so much into those little minds to make them grow and learn. What's connected to that little mind is a little voice. There is no fear of judgement in that voice and even though it may be little, it must not go unheard. You never know how valuable that voice may be.
From the moment we enter this world, our ears are switched on, never to be switched off while we are living this crazy little thing called life.

Our ears are always open,

So must we listen?
Seems we must.

And that's all I have to say about that. :)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hello Planet Earth.

Hello everybody!
Welcome to my Blog!
So I've wanted to start blogging for a long time and I figured that today was just as good as any other day, and definitely better than someday (see what I did name reference, you saw it ahhhh!), to kick it off!
So here I am finally to share my thoughts and ramblings with all you lovely people people of the world.
I hope I can lighten up your day once in while and maybe give you something to ponder while you are going about your daily lives.

We shall see how this pans out.

NicoleLouisa :)