Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Are Your Ears Glued On?

Throughout my childhood I have been asked the question 'are your ears glued on?' This could also be phrased as 'are your ears painted on?' ('Glued' just sounds cooler cause its a funny word.....glue.....go on say it about 10 times in a row without giggling just a little.)

Ears, are an interesting phenomenon in the human figure. They sit all the way up there on the edge of our head, happily taking in the more of the world around us than we realise. Unlike everything else connected to our heads, we cannot turn off our ears. At least not as easily as we can shut our eyes, hold our breath or close our mouth. Ever wonder if there's a reason why we were made this way? Its not something we usually think about when going about our daily lives, taking all of our magnificent human senses for granted.
Many parents believe that their children and their teenagers have the extraordinary ability to turn off their ears when they feel like it, just so they don't have to hear things like, 'do the dishes', 'clean your room,' 'be nice to your sister!'....(Phrases quite commonly used in my childhood.) No, just like adults; children and teenagers are always listening even when you may think they are not.

As human beings we grow up continuously being told that we are not listening enough, when in fact the question is, are you? Are the leaders in our lives listening? By leaders I'm meaning, parents, teachers, bosses, mayors, politicians, prime ministers, Mr President. These are all the humans that are continuously telling the humans below them to listen to what is 'right'. But let me tell you Mr President, Prime minister, politician, mayor, boss, teacher, parent, we have voices too. Our voices are the most valuable ones for you to hear but you aren't listening. As said by Horton the Elephant (Dr Seuss) "A person's a person, no matter how small" so that would also translate to "a voice is a voice, no matter where that voice is ranked in society, business or life in general." Too many times I've seen the little voices shut down so they just stop trying to be heard. Eventually they become too afraid to be heard. Why should a politicians opinion be considered right when 3 million other non-politicians believe it is wrong? "Dear Mr President, you wouldn't take a walk with me, would you?" A line sung by pink in her song, "Dear Mr President" says that, these people are put in charge of our planet, our countries our cities, our education, but do they know a thing about us? Are they even willing to know a thing about us? Mr President, Prime minister, politician, mayor, boss, teacher and parent, would you listen if you did in fact take a walk with me?

A message to all you high and mighty humans out there. Your ears are not glued use them. Parents, listen to your children. They have incredible minds that have not yet been filled with the realities and hardships of the big wide world. They imagine, they play, they create,. They see the beauty of life without letting it be masked by this negative blanket which many humans call 'reality.' All this from those tiny little heads. What sits on the edge of those little heads are little ears. Little ears that take in so much into those little minds to make them grow and learn. What's connected to that little mind is a little voice. There is no fear of judgement in that voice and even though it may be little, it must not go unheard. You never know how valuable that voice may be.
From the moment we enter this world, our ears are switched on, never to be switched off while we are living this crazy little thing called life.

Our ears are always open,

So must we listen?
Seems we must.

And that's all I have to say about that. :)

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  1. Nicole Louisa, you are awesome. That's all I have to say about that.