Monday, 27 May 2013


The most real state is the state of nothingness.

Our universe, the stars, the planets, the mountains, the trees, its all contained in what? Nothingness.
We do not know what is outside our universe and what is outside of that and outside of that and so on. eventually we must get back to nothing.

No matter how we all believe the universe was created, whether by a Big Bang or by God or by both, we still ask, what came before that? And what before that? Where does it stop? Where does it end? And better question is where did it begin? Where did all of this come from? Why do we have so much information about our history from thousands and thousands of years ago yet we have nothing to give us a hint of where it all started.

Humans have been programmed to think that everything has a cause, effect and a reason. Most of the time we know the cause. We always know the effect. We very rarely know the reason. Even if we think we know the reason theres always the question of why is that the reason? And why is that the reason for the reason? It's almost cruel that we were programmed to be such curious creatures.

The beginning of everything, time, space, life started from what? When we get right down to it we are left with nothing. We are left with the absence of something we can never imagine could have ever been. The idea of nothing is not comprehendible by the human mind. When we think of nothing we may think of a big dark place with no up or down, no left or right. Or we may think of a big white place with no up, down, left or right, and no way out. These are frightening places. But they are not nothing. They are our mind's representation of nothing. To the human mind there is always something. Never nothing.

Cause, effect, reason. Take one of these things out of the equation and life just doesn't add up. Everything must have a cause otherwise the effect would not take place which would leave reason nothing to follow therefore there is nothing. Our universe and our entire state of being had to have started from nothing. Before there was anything there had to have been nothing. At least that is all our brains can comprehend about the whole idea. So if we take cause out of the equation then we have no effect right? So if the cause of everything is nothing then how can there be an effect at all? How can there be an effect from nothing? If nothing is the cause then nothing should result therefore nothing should exist. We shouldn't exist. But we do. How is it that we do? How can something come of nothing?

The most real state is the state of nothing. If everything disappeared then there would be nothing. If there is something then there is still nothing. To have good there must be evil, to have light there must be dark to have something there must be nothing. Darkness is the absence of light and nothing is the absence of something. When all is gone there is always nothing. Or should i say there isn't. Because nothing is the state of isn't, it is the state of not, the state of nothing is nothing which makes it the most real thing there is. Or the most real nothing there isn't.

And thats all I have to say about that.

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