Tuesday, 26 February 2013


We love to hate them, we love to love them don't we?
Since the start of 2013 there has been wedding bells ringing around my household. My big sister recently got engaged to her fantastic partner of five years (about time if you ask me.....or anyone else.) This impending joyous event has got me to thinking about just how much I love my siblings. I know that sounds fruity but we all need a bit of fruit from time to time.

I am the youngest of three, so throughout my whole life I have grown up with two best friends. Of course it hasn't all been cherries and roses. We've had many many ups and downs, many times where we have disliked each other yet loved each other only because we have to. But now that we are all adults, we can have a laugh about those ridiculous things we used to do just to annoy the heck out of each other (some that we still do) and those silly arguments we used to have over little unimportant things. Now, we have all left school, there's wedding bells in the air, plans of travel and buying houses. All that grown up stuff that seems to happen like "poof!" after being in school for what seems like forever. All this new exciting stuff wouldn't be as fun if we didn't have each other to share it with. I guess you could say the three of us are like "peas and carrots."

A lot of people think that being the youngest child is all about getting picked on to buggery by your older siblings and getting spoiled by your parents because you're the baby of the family. But I wouldn't change being the youngest for the world. I guess that's partly because I've never known any different, but also because they have taught me so much. My brother and sister have taught me a heap about boys, relationships, sex, being a teenager, being an adult, making life decisions, standing up for myself, and loving who I am. Even though we no longer live together, we have the kind of relationship that we can just pop round to each others houses for a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or juice, just for a chat about life. When either of them show up at home unannounced just for a visit or dinner or to wash their car, it is usually the highlight of my day.
So if you have siblings, make the most of them. they are wise and can teach you a lot. They're sorta like parents but waaaaaaaaay cooler!
So moral of the story, those two goofballs are my best friends and I love them both to pieces.

This picture pretty much sums up our relationship...

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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